Approved DSA Instructor and Registered IAM Instructor.

Specialising in automatic and disabled driving tuition.

Drayton School of Motoring

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Call 01865 731749 or email Mick for more details.  

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Hand controls (Push/Pull system) accelerator and brake with integral indicators.

Left and right foot accelerator.

Lodgesons remote control for indicators, wipers/washers front and rear, headlamp flash/dip/main beam and horn.

Specially adapted Toyota Yaris Hybrid automatic, fully insured.

Covering Abingdon, Didcot, Oxford, Burford, Carterton, Faringdon, Witney and surrounding areas.

Whether you are a new driver or would like some advanced training. Or you may have had an accident or illness and feel you need help getting back in the driving seat I can help.

Professional Driver Training

Automatic driving lessons in a vehicle which has been adapted for disabled use.